Rclone sync two copies of the same content

I have three copies of the same disk. Over time changes have been made to files in all three of them. I can't tell which file is the newest one, without comparing the timestamps on disk.
I'd like to use rclone sync to copy and merge all the three copies into one, keeping the older versions of the file, if they are not the same.
I started with rclone_jobber, but I am not clear about what options or flags I need to use.

The command that gets executed for the first comparison is :

rclone sync '/nfs/Volume_Backup/Backup/DNS/Volume_2' '/nfs/Elements/RJB/MyCloud/Volume_Backup/Backup/DNS/Volume_2'/last_snapshot --backup-dir='/nfs/Elements/RJB/MyCloud/Volume_Backup/Backup/DNS/Volume_2'/old_files --suffix=_2020-05-12_094103 -P --filter-from=/root/rclone_jobber-master/filter_rules --transfers 8 --checkers 20 --log-level DEBUG --log-file '/nfs/Elements/RJB/MyCloud/Volume_Backup/Backup/DNS/Volume_2'/rclone.log

Now, if I take the other copy of Volume_2 and run this again, I'd like to keep the most recent version in the last_snapshot and copy the older version to old_files, even if the most recent version is already in the destination. What flags to I have to use to do this?

Any help is appreciated.

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do as it is a bit confusing.

sync would take a source and make it look the same in a destination. If you use backup_dir, it would move the deleted files into there.


So if you have A as your master copy, you can sync A->B and A->C. Is that what you are trying to do?

I think of you have 3 copies and you always want the newest based on the time stamps and you want to merge all 3, then you could look at the --update flag of sync/copy or move which will only replace the files that are older than the files you are copying or will add new ones.

If you combine that with the backup flag above those files replaced will be saved. After you get the newest merged to one, then you can compare them all to determine what you can delete.

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