Rclone Sync Function - shared folder Gdrive


I have a problem with rclone sync function.
I have two Google drive linked to the same team drive.
On have the folder A and this other have the folder X shared by the first one.
My goal is to synchronize folder A in Team Drive.

When I execute sync (or copy) function with Google drive one no problem but with the second Google drive Rclone create a second folder and copy all files.

Functions :
For google drive 1 :
rclone sync "Drive1:A" "TeamDrive:A" -v
For google drive 2 :
rclone sync --drive-shared-with-me "Drive2:A" "TeamDrive:A" -v

rclone v1.49.1

Someone know this issue ?

Thank you for your help

Yes, it's a known issue:

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