Rclone sync exclude - what am I doing wrong?

Hi everyone,

I have an rclone sync command with an exclude option and it semi-works.

rclone sync /mnt/disk2/ GDriveUA: --exclude-from /mnt/user/exclude-folders-online

Exclude file:

# Exclude this very file
# Exclude system and appdata folders
# Exclude Recycle Bin (dot)Folder
# Exclude AutoCAD backups
# Exclude Backups Folder

It works fine except the “.Recycle.Bin” folder and bak files are still included. What am I doing wrong?

Do you want the Recycle Bin excluded just at the root, or everywhere?

If just at the root then you want


Your setting for *.bak looks fine to me to exclude all files ending in .bak anywhere on the disk.

Can you post a log with -vv of the excludes failing and I’ll see if I can spot anything?


Thank you for your reply.

The rclone command didn’t seem to work from the command line, however, it works as it should be when ran as a script within the unRaid settings.

Thank you for your reply ncw.

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