Rclone sync deletes files on dest just after it has copied them


I am trying to run a rclone sync from Google Drive to a local (empty) folder. After hours of syncing where it has copied files form remote, logs show the following:

2019/03/20 16:09:20 INFO  : Local file system at /data: Waiting for checks to finish
2019/03/20 16:09:20 INFO  : Local file system at /data: Waiting for transfers to finish
2019/03/20 16:09:20 INFO  : Waiting for deletions to finish

And then it starts to delete some files locally, some that just got copied. Those files are though still present on the source, so I don’t see a valid reason they are deleted.

Re-running the sync command helps a little bit as it re-downloads some of the files, but it will still delete some of them at the end. What am I missing ?

rclone v1.38

Upgrade to the latest stable version as 1.38 extremely old.

What’s the command you are running?

Can you run the same command with -vv on it and share the output?

rclone: Version "v1.38" finishing with parameters ["rclone" "sync" "Gdrive:/" "/data" "--config" "/config/rclone.conf" "--fast-list" "-vv"]

Adding the DEBUG logs doesn’t print relevant information. I will upgrade to 1.46 (was using a docker image that relies on 1.38) and post back here, thanks.

Seems all good with rclone 1.46. Maybe we should add a warning on the github page that lists the docker images https://github.com/ncw/rclone/wiki/Docker-images to let users know rclone might not be up-to-date in some images

I did exactly that - thanks for the suggestion.

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