Rclone sync and hubic: original timestamp?


I’m syncing files from a local directory within Linux to Hubic with the following command line:
rclone --checksum --log-file /var/tmp/hubicbackup.log sync /data/ hubic:default/backup/

I’m wondering if the file’s original timestamp are being held on Hubic…
As it appears that when I mount the hubic remote folder within a local dir under linux, and I run a listing of the files, the date of the sync appears, not the original timestamp of the file.

Thanks for your feedback.

They should be - check with rclone lsl remote:

It should show the original file date unless you are using --no-mod-time as a mount option.

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You’re right, THX - rclone lsl remote: shows the original timestamp.

Therefore, if I copy files back from hubic with rclone, the original timestamp will be kept?

Yes. It was one of my original design goals to make sure rclone doesn’t kill the modification time!

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