Rclone stuck at 100% for some files and not taking advantage of 8 gigabit uplink

And that's the actual IP of the server? It's got a public IP on it?

I removed the ip from the posts but yes I can change that I know but yeah its a public ip

Why what do you suggust

I am not fully understanding this.
I thought you are trying to sync/copy files from google drive to a client (target), so what do you mean with "the host is ssd"? In this setup the "host" should be google drive, if i got it correctly.

Your error looks like if the IP binding is wrong. what you need to do is using the ipv4 address the client is actually using ("ip a" and then the ipv4 address of the network card which is connected to the internet) - so if you are in a local network, you need to use your local network ipv4 address, if you have a direct internet connection you need to use your public ipv4 address - either way, its failing to use the binded ip address

I seemed to have fixed the 100% error I --ignored-checksum that fixed it staying at 100% for long but it still only maxes out at a gigabit.

That would show it's an IO bound type issue if it was 'stuck'.

Removing the checksum part means you can't be sure you have a good download of the file since integrity wasn't checked on the file.

I can just redownload it with it present no biggie , do you know why it cannot take advantage of the 8 gigabit uplink tho?

Nope - not sure what've you done up this point or if you read through the other threads on slow speeds and tried anything.

this is not a fix, i hope you know that.
as you are not willing to give answers to questions its pretty much impossible to give you good advices, @Animosity022 tried it with a lot of patience

your binding command is incorrect or not working, most probably you entered the wrong IP.
ignoring checksums, does exactly what its stating, it ignores checksums. so you cant be sure to have the same data in the target and the source.
maybe you should run a smart test or anything similar for checking your hdd for bad blocks etc.

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