Rclone stop sync or copy after ssh terminal exit

Im using Rclone on Openmediavault to sync with Google Drive. To rrun Rclone im using putty. All is good exept when i close ssh terminal (putty) Rclone stop working. I`m running Rclone as user with admin rights.
What to do to run Rclone from terminal and to keep it running after terminal close?

Use screen or some other form of job control. You could also disown it if your shell supports that.

The problem itself is that rclone is a child process of your shell, which is itself a child process of the SSH session thread. When you disconnect, processes owned by your session go away as well.

Install and use tmux for dont close ssh sesion

Thanks for answering.
What if i run rclone sync as a scheduled job (using cron, as user with admin rights)?

It will certainly work.