Rclone stalls on ACD upload: "done, 0 Bytes/s, ETA: 0s" and must be restarted

Super. It will be in the next release.

I’m having this exact issue using 1.36 and going local crypt to ACD. Seems I have to just restart and hope for the best. Happens with both copy and sync and mounted and unmounted. Can’t seem to find a rhyme or reason to it as its very sporadic. Files are around 7GB-10GB.

Also happening here on ACD move command (transfers=1, verbose, no other options specified), from local to ACD.


I also have stalling issues with copy and sync on Ubuntu and now also on Windows.
It looks to me as if very long paths and file names are part of the problem. After I deleted one example from local, it went through.

I have a similar issue my rclone is stalled and no more transfers of files or statics but the Bandwith and Elapsed time are changing.

How I can reset?

I am using vs. 1.36 in macOS 10.12.6

See the other thread at the top of the forum

What other thread please put the link to go directly?



In a nutshell, rclone for the time being perhaps permanently does not work with ACD.