Rclone spamming GetAttr on two files

For some reason rclone keeps repeating this https://pastebin.com/HdbmFGwK as fast as it is allowed over and over again. I tried deleting the cache and the files but that did not seem to help.

Parameters: rclone mount EDUcrypt:/ X: --rc --dir-cache-time=9999h --cache-info-age=9998h --vfs-cache-poll-interval=1m --buffer-size=32M --stats=5s -vv

I have no idea how to fix the issue everything else works just fine.


If someone ever finds this issue with the same problem, i apparently had a COM surrogate running at 20% CPU doing something… killing it solved the problem!

Weird! I was just going to say that that is rclone responding to something using the filesystem rather than something rclone does. I guess you found the culprit!