`rclone size` mismatch ACD

I ran rclone size on my Amazon Cloud remote, and got

Total objects: 172,520

Yet if I go to https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/managestoragev2 it shows:

What am I missing? Are photos/videos stored separately? I assumed those were a subset of “Files”.

But even 1,389,534 is a lot more than 172,520!

FWIW, I synced my entire ACD locally using odrive, and it shows a total of 172,280 objects, and 1.03TB. So I’m wondering where the Amazon numbers are coming from.

have you looked in the amazon trash-bin?

No! Never occurred to me!

Is there any way to access that via rclone or odrive?

no, you can only access it via the amazon web-interface AFAIK.

HA, you nailed it! I had some crazy Arq backups in the trash. Permanently deleted, now it’s back to normal.


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