Rclone server side dosnt work for me

Hello, I use:
rclone copy -v gdrivecifrado1:"/xxxx.xxx" gdrivecifrado2:/ --drive-server-side-across-configs=true

I see the internet transfer and rclone is downloading and updating!.

Some help?


Are those plain gdrives? Or are they wrapped in crypt maybe?

both are gdrive and both are crypted.

when using crypted remotes it is not possible to use server side copy.
the reason is that it is the rclone program that must do the encrypting and decrypting.

if you setup both encrypted remotes using the same setup in terms of passwords,
then you can simple copy the encrypted files themselves using server side copying.
if that is the case, can you share you config file?
make sure to remove the secret stuff like passwords and access ids!
we can help you with the exact command required.

The most usual problems are:

1 - The files must remain unchanged to do server-side, so if the files are crypted you must transfer from and to the Gdrive remotes directly and not from crypt to crypt.
For example - this would not work for server-side:
rclone copy GdriveCrypt1: GdriveCrypt2:
But this will:
rclone copy Gdrive1: Gdrive2:
(where Gdrivecrypt is a Gdrive+crypt and Gdrive is just direct Gdrive remote)

The underlying problem is that if you transfer crypt-to-crypt you are downloading to local, decrypting, recrypting then upoading. The Google server can not encrypt or decrypt - and it won't have to if you just transfer the "raw" encrypted data.

2 - The crypt configs must be identical on both sides - or else you can transfer the data but it will not be readable on the other side. If you must use different encryption then I am sorry - server side will never be possible (but you can use a GCP VM for free to achieve basically the same result... ask for more info if needed).

3 - the destination-account must have access to read the source (for example that account can be invited to the source on a Teamdrive, or a share folder can be used). Google has to know that these accounts are allowed to read eachother's data after all - or else you will get an error about not being able to read the source :slight_smile:

Check that these three points are fufilled and you should be golden :slight_smile:

HOUUU, lot of thanks, Now understand.

One question: If I have a origin not crypted and destination crypted can I sync on server side?.

rclone -v sync origin:/ destination/ --drive-server-side-across-configs

or.... will not work?

Lot Of thanks.

No, you can't. Service side is done at Google or the Provider. Encryption is a rclone thing so it has to download / upload it.

Lot lot of thanks.

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