Rclone serve s3 <remote>

@ncw what are your thoughts on a feature like serving a remote over the s3 protocol?

Use cases:

  • Rclone as s3 proxy layer for other cloud storage backends.
  • Quick s3 endpoint over a filesystem (local remote) for development purposes.

I know this feature is something similar to what Minio does (basically an s3-like server), but I’m thinking of this as a lightweight solution that supports many more remote backends.

Initially, the protocol implementation could be limited to just the most common operations, so that this feature is not a monumental undertaking. Credentials could be specified inline, and the region could just be the default us-east-1.

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It is a nice idea. It might be that minio has some code rclone can use, I’m not sure.

The S3 protocol is large and complicated!

Do you want to work on this?

Yes, I would love to work on this!


I found this go s3 project which looks like it might be easier to integrate than minio

That project is in Java, so I think it might not be easier to integrate with :smile:

Perhaps, are you referring to this one?

Yes that is right - sorry copy pasted the wrong URL!

I like this idea. This will allow rclone to work in many different applications that already support s3!

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