rclone sending and ignoring selected folders

Hello everyone, I'm new to rclone and I've been researching something for a long time and I can't find it.

I've already created a script to automatically send my files to Dropbox every day, but I want it to continue to sync only bypassing two folders.
We will call "folder1" and "folder2" to ignore and continue sending all the other files that are in that same directory.
Can someone help me?

I currently use: rclone sync / home mydrive: /
I want to want to be able to make a command to ignore two folders that are inside the "home" directory

Can someone help me?

hello and welcome to the forum,

it depends where the folders are located - relative to the root of the source.

have you read this

if the folders are in the root of the source

if the folders are subfolder of other folders

filtering can be confusing so when testing use

It looks like the root of your sync is /home in which case you want something like --exclude /{exclude1,exclude2}/** where exclude1 and exclude2 are the two directories you need to exclude.

Or perhaps simpler to understand --exclude /exclude1/** --exclude /exclude2/**. The leading / means start from the root of the sync and the /** means exclude the directory and everything in int.

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