"rclone selfupdate" while mount is active

If you have an rclone mount active, should you unmount it before performing rclone selfupdate, or is it OK to leave mounts active?

I just did a selfupdate to 1.56.2 while a mount was active - the selfupdate completed successfully (returned a message showing a successful update to 1.56.2) and the mount was still accessible afterwards without any apparent issues, but just want to check whether this is advised or not.

Instances of rclone already running before selfupdate will keep running on the same version they were started with. You must restart them to use the updated version.

Try running selfupdate with verbose output -vv, and you will see more of what is going on: On Windows it renames the existing rclone.exe to rclone.old.exe (or similar) before installing the new version as rclone.exe, and any existing processes will continue running rclone.old.exe.

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