Rclone script, filters to back up from Linux to Dropbox with includes, excludes

I have the following Linux file structure:


in which I want to back up selected files and directories to Dropbox.

I have tried includes/excludes files and a filter file, but none are working as intended.

Specifically, I am getting files and directories that I don’t want sync’d, copied over to Dropbox.

For example:

rclone sync --ignore-size --tpslimit 10 /home/victoria/ dropbox:backups/victoria --filter-from /home/victoria/backups/rclone/rclone_filters.txt

# FILTERS (rclone_filters.txt):
+ .adobe/**
+ .avidemux/**
+ .avidemux6/**
+ .mozilla/**
- .cache/**
- *.*

where .adobe/ is ~/.adobe/ , etc. YET ~/.cache/** (etc). are being backed up to Dropbox.

I use / understand rsync (which I use for home backups) – the concept of a snapshot root directory from which paths are defined, etc. – but I find the RClone documentation to be exceedingly confusing.

What am I doing wrong?

Your exclude everything rule should be - * since it otherwise allows files without a . to be copied.
The other include rules should work as expected.

rclone filters are a bit tricky to get working exactly as needed. You can use --dump=filters to get the actual set of rules that will be used. This can help to find the correct rules to use.

Ahhh, thank you: very much appreciated! I originally had that exclusion (- *) but I was using regex to format my file, and it must have modified it. I’m new to Rclone, so I hadn’t noticed that it had been changed.

Appears to be working now. :slight_smile:

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I have a follow-on question. With the following command,

rclone sync --ignore-size --tpslimit 10 --skip-links  \
/home/victoria/   'dropbox:backups/victoria'  --filter-from \

and this “exclude everything else” [not explicitly included (+) or excluded (-)]

- *

at the end of my filters file, I am still getting folders such as


etc., appearing in Dropbox despite them not being listed (+) in my filters file. Shouldn’t they be excluded by the

- *


I also get the same result if I explicitly exclude them, e.g.

- .gem/**
- anaconda2/**
- Desktop/**

in that filters file. What’s the issue, here?

Are you getting empty folders on dropbox?

Note that the include/exclude rules are processed in order starting from the top so maybe you need to move them higher in the list?

No, they are not empty. Thank you for the reminder regarding the order of the rules; I believe that was the problem. Again, I appreciate the assistance. :slight_smile:


Here is a portion of my current filters file. Per your comment I rearranged the order, moving my targeted exclusions (files; folders) to the top of the list.

- .gem/**
- anaconda2/**
- Desktop/**
- f/**
- file:/**
- pmc_3827080/**

+ .aspell.en.prepl
+ .aspell.en.pws
+ .asunder
+ .babel.json
+ .bash_history
+ .bash_logout
+ .bashrc
# ... snip ...
+ new
+ new.md
+ new1
+ new2
+ new3
+ new3.md
+ Untitled Document 1
+ Untitled Document 2

+ .adobe/**
+ .audacity-data/**
+ .avidemux/**
+ .avidemux6/**
+ .claws-mail/**
# ... snip ...
+ .tmux/**
+ .vim/**
+ CytoscapeConfiguration/**
+ linux/**
+ literature/**
+ Mail/**
+ nltk_data/**
+ R_temp/**
+ VirtualBox VMs/**

- *

Update: this has been running for some time (~3+ hours) now, and appears to be fine (my previous problems manifested almost immediately), so I think this “issue” has ben solved. Thanks again! :sun_behind_small_cloud:

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