Rclone run over a timespan (Linux)

I want rclone to start on my Linux server at 11pm and end at approx 5am, or sooner if everything is complete. After some searching it seems the only way to do this is a crontab entry using timeout, for example

timeout -k 1800 6h rclone sync …

My intent was to send rclone a HUP signal 6 hours after it starts which would be 5am. The hope is that it would complete the file it’s currently uploading. But, if it was still running at 5:30am, send a kill signal.

It seems to stop at 5am regardless, which I guess is ok since ACD appears to not keep partials.

I’m surprised it was so difficult to find any info on doing this. Are there any other options? I didn’t see any rclone options to halt after a certain time.

You could just run kill command in cron tab.

That’s sort of the same thing, but more straightforward than what I did. It’s looking like killing rclone is the only way to get it to stop after a period of time.