Rclone remote for backup storage

Hi there,

Im investigating rclone implementations for storing image based backups into various cloud backends. My preference would be to do this via an rclone mount to minimize the resource requirements of the host rclone will run on.

I’m slightly confused between the two methods of caching. My understanding would hint towards the ‘remote’ cache as opposed to the ‘vfs’ cache, my backups are written to a network share whose directory I’ve mounted my rclone remote too - here I would like to have 24 hours of cache, to ensure that any read/ write operations will operate on locally and not over rclone.

What would be the best way to implement this?

So there are two different things you are asking I think.

The cache feature allows you to keep a local copy of the cloud data and you configure that based on an allocated total cache size. That means when you request files from the mount, it keeps them local until the cache fills up and than it moves new stuff into the cache.

The cache-tmp-upload keeps a file for a certain period of configured until local until it uploads and is part of the cache configuration.

cache doesn’t have a keep for 24 hours feature as it’s based on the size.

vfs-cache-writes uploads the file immediately, but keeps a copy locally until the cache-age expires.

I use Arq to backup my mac and duplicati to backup my linux box as they seem to be simpler solutions for backup for my needs but your use case seems different.