RClone rcd/rc on Windows not working for sync/sync command

Hi Guys

I am somewhat in a bind.
I am trying to use RClone on Windows and it is all fantastically working when directly calling the command to sync files to SharePoint Online.
Still, I would like to use background jobs, so I have to use rc/rcd.
Now whatever I try to get this running - is doesn't. It tells me all the time ""error": "Didn't find key "dstFs" in input"," - although the parameter is there.

I am working in Powershell and I tried:
Calling exe directly

.\rclone.exe rc sync/sync dstFS="SharePointOnline:Freigegebene Dokumente/SomeFolder" ignore-size=true exclude-from="C:\rclone-exclusionlist.txt" srcFs="C:\Temp\TestRClone" _async=true

Calling with exe JSON

.\rclone.exe rc --json '{"dstFS": "SharePointOnline:Freigegebene Dokumente/SomeFolder","ignore-size":true,"exclude-from":"C:\rclone-exclusionlist.txt","srcFs":"C:\Temp\TestRClone","_async":true}' sync/sync

Using the HTTP Endpoint with JSON

$bodyAsJSON = '
        "dstFS": "SharePointOnline:Freigegebene Dokumente/SomeFolder",
        "ignore-size":  true,
        "exclude-from":  "C:\\rclone-exclusionlist.txt",
        "srcFs":  "C:\Temp\TestRClone",
        "_async":  true
$result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "http://localhost:5572/sync/sync" -Body $bodyAsJSON -Method Post

Using the HTTP Endpoint with URL Parameters

$url = 'http://localhost:5572/sync/sync?dstFS="SharePointOnline:Freigegebene Dokumente/SomeFolder"&ignore-size=true&exclude-from="C:\rclone-exclusionlist.txt"&srcFs="C:\Temp\TestRClone"&_async=true'
    $result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -Method Post

With all these Methods, the error Message is always either ""error": "Didn't find key "dstFs" in input"," or ""error": "Didn't find key "srcFs" in input",".
I am using the latest stable build and when I try to call the rc/noop Method, it returns the parameters just fine, no parsing issues, everything looks like well formatted json.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

That should be dstFs so big F small s.

Hopefully it will work after that!

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