Rclone rc operations/list not listing files on a mapped Windows network drive

Ah something weird has happened,

rclone ls c:

just lists the local files in the folder no longer the entire c drive (post update to the latest ver)

on windows,
dir c: outputs the current working folder, not from the root of c drive.
dir c:\ outputs from the root of c drive.

if using that old rclone, that rclone ls c: outputed c:\, that would seem to be a bug in rclone



rclone ls c:\

now outputs the C drive

rclone ls Y:\
no longer outputs the y drive even though

rclone ls y:
did on 1.48.0

try to run rclone ls y:\

  • with admin rights
  • without admin rights.

Ah! it works without admin rights! Let me try the rc command without admin rights! One sec

RC command works without admin rights as well! Thanks so much for clearing this up!

Edit for clarity, if I run the rclone RCD command without admin rights the rc command can read the network drives

sure, i did mention that in the beginning.

it depends on how you create the mapped drive.
using windows explorer, the drive is visible to programs without admin rights.
if you create a mapped drive on a command prompt with admin rights, then programs without admin right such as windows explorer and non-admin command prompt will not see it.

you can read about it here

what i do is mapped drives to folders, not drive letters, more like linux.
if you map a network drive to a folder, not a drive letter, then all processes run as your user, admin rights or not should see it.

Ah sorry I misinterpreted what you meant, I wrongly assumed that the list with admin rights would encompass the list without. Thanks again

yeah, that would seem logical but alas, micro$oft

for me on windows, i need to run this, not the command you ran, need the leading slash

rclone.exe rc --json "{\"name\": \"localdisk\", \"type\": \"local\", \"parameters\": {\"nounc\": false}}" config/create

Ah I was running the rc command from mac, explains the second bit a lot

a lot, that seems about right...

My bad... In my defence, it's super late and I'm a noob

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