Rclone rc HTTP call with _config flag fails

Hi guys,

I'm using rclone via the remote control functionality. I send all my commands via a self-written application and HTTP/REST which works fine. I'm also using the sync/sync enpoint for starting file transfers and it works.
But: Sometimes, I want to adjust the configs (what is also called global flags), e.g. dryrun, transfers, etc.

I have read the rc documentation which says, that I have to pass the "_config" parameter with the command. Therefore, I've just added the _config parameter to the parameters and I'm trying to send the following:

    "srcFs": "C:/test",
    "dstFs": "onedrive:/test/",
    "createEmptySrcDirs": true,
    "_config": {
        "DryRun": true
    "_async": true

This request fails and returns the following error:

        "error": "key \"_config\": invalid character 'D' looking for beginning of value",
        "input": {
                "_async": "True",
                "_config": "DryRun",
                "createEmptySrcDirs": "True",
                "dstFs": "onedrive:/test/",
                "srcFs": "C:/test"
        "path": "sync/sync",
        "status": 400

If I remove the _config parameter, then the HTTP requests does not throw an error (Response Code 200).

I'm using rclone v1.56.0

Do you know what causes the error?
Thanks for your support!
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Hi Jojojoxx,

I am new to the rclone rc functionality, but ready to give a helping hand if you can give me a simple example to start from.

I am looking for an example that will do:

rclone sync ./testfolder1 ./testfolder2 --dry-run

Using commands something like this:

rclone rc --loopback sync/sync --json $request

That will be a good starting point to find any JSON syntax errors - and can easily be expanded with curl usage if needed.

Hi Ole,

thanks for your answer.
the problem is, that my request works with rclone rc sync/sync --json command but doesn't when sending a HTTP/REST call with exactly the same string. If I remove _config parameter it also works via HTTP/REST.
Best regards,


OK, then let's try with curl.

Assume I have started rclone rcd with default parameters in another terminal.

What are the commands needed to perform my above example, I guess something like:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d $request http://localhost:5572/sync/sync

I played a bit around with curl and for some reason, I got it working now, I used the following command:

curl -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d "{\"srcFs\": \"R:/a\", \"dstFs\": \"R:/b\", \"_config\": { \"DryRun\": true }, \"_async\": true }" http://localhost:5572/sync/sync

Then, I started the implementation of the part of my application which raises the call from scratch and now it works. I don't know what I did wrong, but it's working now! Thanks for your support :slight_smile:
Best regards,


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