Rclone rc core/stats and additional stats

When running rclone with --progress you get several stats that aren’t available from rclone rc core/stats most importantly the ETA.

Is there any way to access the ETA with a rclone rc command?

It isn’t there currently as this thread has someone going around it by doing a few things and calculating it I believe.

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Thanks that’s what I feared. Weird that it appears with progress but not rc.

Perhaps it could be added. Might be worth creating an issue on git and potentially helping with a PR if you can.

Would help in that other thread too.

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Good idea: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/3129

I’m using a wrapper script to run a single synchronous rclone job and with second process I monitor the log file for the progress information produced with -v (it will print the same as -P, but once every minute). The information there is enough when combined with the core/stats transferred data to produce reasonably accurate ETAs and files/bytes percentages.

The script also keep persistant job information, allowing one to babysit jobs running on headless boxes.

Indeed with more information on a per job basis would help a lot. Right now the information on check and files being transferred is for all jobs, as the ETA and totals.

The daemon mode is great and once this is refined it will make things much simpler.

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