Rclone Power Loss Recovery

If Rclone is in the middle of a large transfer, say 100+ files spanning over 70 gigs and the power randomly drops. If I restart the transfer with the same command, what is the likelihood that corrupt half-finished files are left on the remote? I know it compares based on size and modify date, but would it automatically replace the bad files that were never complete?

It should checksum the files so you can resume your transfer.

I’ve killed many transfers mid stream and it picks it back up.

If you are really paranoid you can rclone check the files too.

does the checksum work with google drive?
My two gdrives have around 40gb difference in size and rclone check shows 0 differences found. Im worried since when i started to clone, I had to restart the copy few times and it might have failed few files

You can run a copy with -vv on it and it’ll output every file and show you why it copied or didn’t copy in the output.

Personally, I’ve restarted many times and haven’t seen any issues with copy or sync not picking up properly or replacing a partially failed file.