Rclone + Plex on ARM

Hey guys,

I’ve been playing around with rclone and plex the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been using the VC1S server von Scaleway to mount the rclone and to run the Plex Server what worked pretty well.
Today I wanted to try out the C1 BareMetal Server (ARM) and now I am struggling setting up Plex.
I got it installed and can access it when using the public IP but when I build a SSH Tunnel to the server and try to access localhost:32400 I just get some weird stuff:

To be honest I’m not very convinced with the ARM server until now but I really want to give a fair chance, so, do you guys have any suggestions?

Just try http://localhost:32400/web tout access plex configuration.

Thanks a lot! Just did forget the last part of the link (/web) but without it, it doesn’t seem to work.