Rclone Plex Cache with 2 Google Accounts

I hope this is the right category. I want to set up libraries from 2 google accounts however you can only use 1 rclone cache? for the plex configuration. Do you just set up one cache for the main account or is there a way to get both to work with a cache?

Thank you.

You don’t need to use the cache, but you can run 2 caches each with a google account if you need to.

I’d recommend to just setup rclone normally and make sure you have the latest version.

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thanks. it’s weird.
I did a rclone copy gdrive1 gdrive2 and rclone commands on one remote received a bunch of is rclone cache already running like this thread:

now however it seems to work without any problems and I think i just left it alone for a few hours?
So they won’t conflict and will run fine with cache enabled? What would be the better choice: run 2 cache, just 1 cache, or just not use any cache for drive currently?

Thanks for any info.

Unless the cache is solving a particular problem, I wouldn’t use it. I have a keep it simple mantra that I try to follow so less pieces, the better.

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