Rclone permission question (when uploading)

I want to use rclone with MEGA storage

This script will be used on multiple vps, and visible to employees. My aim is that the login I mention in rclone script for MEGA (email and password) is only used to “UPLOAD” files to MEGA storage.

In other words,
Is it possible that I enable 2FA for MEGA account so I can login with a 2FA key, but upload files to it using rclone with just username and password. This would ensure anyone with username pass can only upload to account, and not login to account.

Second question:
Does rclone give ability to read/list files in storage provider, and then delete? Or is it strictly only authorized to upload files?

Doesn’t seem that way from what I see as mega uses a username and password so 2FA would make that not work I surmise.

rclone does uploads/download/deletes/etc and pretty much anything you’d normally do on a file system.

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