Rclone on remarkable2

Has anyone tried to get Rclone on remarkable 2 tablet. I want to use my "Box" storage and apparently RM2 doesn't support that storage integration. Trying to see if anyone got Rclone working on RM2.

hello and welcome to the forum,
does RM2 run linux or have a command line?

as RM2 supports gdrive, onedrive and dropbox.
might rclone sync from box to one of those services.

I believe that the remarkable 2 does have ssh access, and can also run Go programs.

The ARM32v7 is the right architecture so this should be the right one...


I suggeset you download it on your main computer, send the rclone binary to the remarkable then see if it runs with rclone version.

I am unable to copy Rclone into /usr/bin as I am running out of space on my RM2. Not sure if there is anything that I can remove.

How much space have you got? You could try using upx on the rclone binary which normally squashes it a fair amount.

Alternatively it is fairly easy to build a cut down rclone with fewer cloud providers - commend out backends not in use and commands not in use

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