Rclone not encrypting local dir's


I am trying to do a rclone local dir with encryption and i suspect there is an issue with on-the-fly encryption of rclone.
My config file is:

type = crypt
remote = /mnt/isilon/RSTORE001
filename_encryption = standard
password = xxxxx
password2 = xxxx

Afterwards i do a fuse mount:

/opt/rclone/rclone/rclone mount RSTORE001 /mnt/tmp1 &

i can then cd into /mnt/tmp1 correctly and without any issue.

I then do a mkdir test or ps aux > test

I can see the contents of file “test”

I then exit the fuse mount, and umount it.

If i go inside the /mnt/isilon/RSTORE001 (defined on the config) the files will have their exact filename and UN-encrypted content.

What am i missing here?

Thanks for a kick ass product!