Rclone newbie trying to do an archive to Jottacloud

Hello all!
I am new to rclone, I was recmmended to use it in my setup at home, when backing up my data to their servers, luckily I am not close to 10Tb just yet...

But as I said I am a complete newbie, I have gone through the config, so now am I wondering, what now?

Is there any howtos or stuff like that I can read?
Or will you all help be?

Well, if you have finished the configuration correctly then the next step would be to verify that it works as a basic level. The "usage" page in documentation should generally explain that (but I can understand if it may be intimidating to a new user).

To test your new configured remote at a basic level, go into terminal or cmd (depending on your OS) and try running
rclone ls nameofyourremote:
this should list out the files in your remote (if you have any)
if you don't see any errors, trying copying something to it
rclone copy path/to/somefile.ext nameofyourremote: -P -v
if all this works, do the ls command again to see the file now lists on the remote.

From here you can either script your backups using rclone commands, or if you want a more transparent experience you might want to look into mounting the remote to simulate it being a normal harddrive so you can use it more easily in the desktop environment.

I encourage you to read up on the documentation and then ask here about any specifics you need further help on. It doesn't make sense for me to make a whole step-by-step guide when that info already exists. I'd rather supplement and clarify what you learn from the documentation where needed.

If you end up needing more help - tell us what what OS you use. If you need spesific advice on configuration options then we probably also need to know what your intended use-case is ect. The sticky thread has advice on what sort of information is good to provide up-front when you ask for help.

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