Rclone move on S3 changes storage class

I upload all of my data to S3 using rclone with “storage_class = STANDARD_IA” in my config. I’m restructuring some of my data and need to do a number of “rclone move” on my S3 crypt remote to match the local changes. This works and successfully moves the data but the storage class changes from Standard-IA to Standard. I found this out the hard way when my bill showed up.

Oops, sorry!

Can you please make a new issue on github with the above in and the extra things the issue template asks for.

This should be quite easy to fix - adding the storage class in the server side copy should do it.

I guess this might apply to Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage too.

A noob question related to S3 when Remote is MINIO How does this work and what can go wrong if this setting is miss configured in Rclone

Minio : single drive
Minio : parity
Minio : multiple host