Rclone move not removing "from"

I want to move everything from my Backblaze B2 bucket 1(b1) to subfolder of another one(b2).

I was stupid to run "rclone copy remote:b1 remote:b2/b1" Now the file size (file numbers) are different between the b1("from") from b2("to") which "from" > "to".
I tried run multiple times in few days with "rclone move remote:b1 remote:b2/b1 --transfers 9999 --checkers 9999 -P " And still, b1 got more files than b2.

How do I move everything in b1 to b2 ,make sure b2 has everything and empty b1 in the end.
BTW I have 3 more buckets like this and I need to make all these 4 buckets become subfolder of b2

rclone move A->B would remove everything from A and upload it to B.

Without knowing version / rclone config / seeing a log file, it's kind of a guessing game which is why we have that wonderful help and support template that collects a lot of detail but you deleted it and didn't use it.

An angel lost her wings today.

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