Rclone move | new files copied

Hi Guys,

Every hour i’m uploading stuff from /local/ to my acd with rclone move. What if some additional files are beeing copied to the /local/ path (from sonarr or radarr) while the upload is running? Does it check these new files and upload these too? If yes, could i prevent it, so only the files at the start of the move command in /local/ will be copied?


I found it out by myeslf. It always checks for new files and upload these too. Does anyone know if i could prohibit these “Checks”?

It is better to download to a different location and then move them on completion. If you really want to do it like you are, then you will need to generate a exclude file and pass that into rclone. I’ve done this before but it still wasn’t perfect so I got rid of that.

Does it really matter though? If your issue is that you want to ensure that it doesn’t transfer .partial~ files, just add the --min-age 1m parameter and it wont happen. Works flawlessly for me.

Didnt think of that. :slight_smile: THanks.

Hope this doesn't bite you.

Eh, I also use --delete-after and unless I misunderstand the issue I can’t be affected because of that.

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i have an exclude file for that.

that did it :slight_smile:

So my Guess: When its uploading .partial file, the size will be changed during the upload so rclone will recognize this and check the whole folder and reupload the new stuff.

thank you so much!