Rclone move - is there a way to transfer n files or get --max-transfer to complete the last file?

I’m trying to limit how long rclone move runs on some of my HDDs. I could use --max-transfer, but I hate the idea of say being 1MB away from finishing a 50GB file and the transfer ending abruptly.

Is there a way to:

(i) tell move to finish the last file.Or,
(ii) tell move to transfer xx files. Or,
(iii) run move for xx mins and finish the last file, Or
(iv) other?


None of those are possible yet :frowning:

A graceful finish of --max-transfer would be nice. I just looked at the code and it is using errors to signal the finish… For a graceful restart, I could make it only signal the error if no bytes had been read - that would probably work. This would need another flag --graceful maybe.

What do you think - sound interesting? If you think so then please make a new issue on github and I’ll have a go!

Thanks @ncw - that would do the trick. I’ll post an issue over the weekend

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