Rclone mounting help

Hi, I am trying to mount an encrypted folder from Amazon Cloud. I uploaded the encrypted folder from another machine and am trying to mount it on my mac laptop at home. I created a remote for ACD with same account and then created a crypt of that remote using the same password and salt. Am I doing this right? When I try to mount, the unencrypted remote I get my files fine and they are still encrypted. Then if I try to mount the crypt, I get this error:

EKmedia is my unencrypted ACD remote.

UPDATE: I just tried downloading the folder to my mac using copy and it sucessfully unecrypted and saved it to my desktop. The problem still stands that I cannot mount the folder though.

Thanks for the help

Another picture with my remotes

It may be easier for you to copy the config file from other machine - then you’ll know it is set up identically.

That error “x509: certificate signed by unknown authority” means something is up with the SSL transaction. So either your certificates are out of date on your machine or maybe amazon’s certificates are wrong.

Does it do that every time?

Are you going through some sort of proxy?

I got it working, thanks for the help. What I did was get a new certificate then copy the .config file from the windows machine to the mac. (it was hidden because .file is a system file for macs) replaced the config and mounted it on my mac. It unencrypted and mounted so everything is working now. :grinning: