Rclone mounted drives have slow speed when reading

I have tried to use rclone to read mounted drives, but no matter what I do, I bottle neck at ~20MB/s

I have tried with nothing other than

--umask 002

Even with such a simple mount the read speed simply isn't fast enough.

I then went on my PC and just tried to download some files.
Indeed I am bottle necked at ~22MB/s, while my home connection when downloading from drives usually maxes out at 27MB/s, since that is my speed the ISP rated it for.

I also tried using my own oauth client numbers when testing with public shared drive group. I am also bottle necked at ~20.

I am starting to think google's server being slow today? How are your speeds?

Hi keffin,

I find your subject misleading. Based on your description the situation is better summarized by “My ISP or Google have slow speeds today - how are your speeds?”.

In your situation I would start by measuring the download speed directly from Google Drive (using the web interface) and then from somewhere else (e.g. https://www.speedtest.net/) to determine whether it is an ISP or Google issue.


Yes so for more info.

I set up the rclone without inputting any SA or Oauth secrets for the access token.

The speed of the vps is at 700MB/s on speed test.
rclone was stuck in low twenties.

So here are the two conclusions I got.

When I am hashing info, there is also direction scanning happening, so that could slow down the read speed since it is reading directory information.

Then it is because I was using the rclone's default keys to get the access token. So when ppl too lazy or forgot to set up oauth like me are raiding the api, I am slow. When things get less congested, I am faster.

Seems like you are mixing speeds measured in bits/second (b/s) and bytes/second (B/s) - the difference is roughly a factor 10 (including overheads).

I guess the speed of your VPN is 700M bits/second - that is app. 70M Byte/second.

rclone displays speeds in Mbyte/second.

Google has limited CPU and network capacity like anybody else and therefore sometimes limit your downloads to share capacity fairly between their customers. Your Google downloads may therefore (in periods) be slower that your speed of your network connection.

It is my experience that rclone downloads are just as fast as a download from the Google Drive website - no worse no better.

This post has a few tips to get good speeds from Google:

Do you understand and agree to my above comment about your choice of subject?

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Yes I suppose I wasn't asking with a good subject.

Upon trying to read with the dd command I am getting good results at 90MB/s.

At that point, I am rather confident that it is the software that I was using which made the reading speed to be slow.

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