Rclone mount xpenlogy dsm6 (permissions issues)

Hi everyone, I am trying to mount a folder from my google drive to my xpenlogy dsm 6.1.1. I mounted the folder in /volume1/cloud/Fran and I can read thats file in my file station but I can not write there using file station.
I guess the problem is permissions because I use root for rclone mount but I I could not use admin because I get error mensage about rclone config

I mount the folder using “task mananger” and runing a .sh that have this line?->
sudo rclone mount Fran:/ --allow-non-empty --allow-other --max-read-ahead 200M /volume1/cloud/Fran/ &

any one can help to me to mound rclone using admin to write in thats folder in file station. thanks in advance