Rclone mount v1.52 with Borg

While I am sure I missed some stuff, I know there has been some talk on what would rclone have to do to make Borg able to read and write to an rclone mount. I saw in the changelog:

  • Implement lock ordering between File and Dir to eliminate deadlocks (Nick Craig-Wood)

and I seem to recall there was an issue with Borg related to locks. Does this address that? Anything else that may make it work?


That is fixing a deadlock bug, so not related.

I understand that Borg works for some people with rclone mount. Have you tried it with 1.52?

I have not! I am not above getting down and dirty testing stuff and I likely will, but when it comes to backups, "work[ing] for some people" is a bit scary so I was hoping that this was a change in the direction of enabling that.

I will keep following along where I can to see if anyone with more experience with Borg has been able to get it to work and understands the issues and whether it has been resolved. I understand it is currently a fluid situation. I am also trying to keep tabs on restic to see if they've addressed some of teir issues yet and I can skip Borg all together

:smiley: I'd appreciate testing here since I haven't had time to learn to use Borg yet!

I am not a Borg expert either which is why I was hoping people more familiar with the gotchas could give input. But, I am going to set up a test that will once an hour back sometime up. I'll run that for a few weeks and see what kind of errors we are throwing!

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Let us know what happens!

Also check out this if you haven't seen it already

This is the post I was referencing about not being sure of issues and saw a semi-recent reply.

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