Rclone mount plex

Hi folks, a little bit of help is welcome here.
I can mount and lsd my ACD folder

Plex cannot access the rclone mounts.

I am using the --allow-other
fuse.conf is configured accordingly

I still get the error in Plex media scanner where the rclone mounted folder is not accessible

What can I check?

I’ve had similar difficulty in some instances. I recommend creating a folder inside of /var/lib/plexmediaserver/ and mount there.

Let us know what OS you are using and exact parameters how you mount your drive.
In case of Linux run findmnt and check if drive is actually mounted as rclone ls does list files on mounted drive but directly on cloud eg you dont need mount to use that feature.

In linux plex media server is running under plex user , so I suggest you unmount the drive and do:
chown plex:plex -R /path to your mount/

p.s. Please do ls -lah /root folder where your mounts are/ and paste it here.

Thank you lads,
I am on Ubuntu 14, on a VPS and I do not have root.
I cannot apply the suggestion from jpat0000 for the above reason.

  1. I am now mounting ACD with this command: rclone mount -v ACD2:TMP/movies ~/media/ACD6 --allow_other

  2. I can see the mount and ls the files, I can also VNC into the VPS and launch file manager and I see the mount

  3. the command chown plex:plex gives this error " chown: invalid user: ‘plex:plex’ ", so I guess I have to find out which user is running Plex, right? I used pstree, but I cannot find plex in there (and I know Plex is running)

  4. output of ls -lah
    theluke79@zoe:~$ ls -lah ~/media/ACD7
    total 0
    -rw-r–r-- 1 theluke79 hd1 3.1G Dec 10 17:51 Frank And Lola 2016.mkv
    -rw-r–r-- 1 theluke79 hd1 20G Dec 10 17:34 Ledokol (2016).mkv
    -rw-r–r-- 1 theluke79 hd1 3.7G Dec 10 18:15 Sugar Mountain (2016).mkv