Rclone mount over smb is fast but dlna is slow?

I've been using rclone for ages without any problem but recently DLNA is getting handy with my setup.

Today I have the following, rclone mount on an unraid server, sharing the content over SMB.
This same content is indexed by EMBY and I can play even large files without any problem using something like the Nvidia Shield.

But I would like to get DLNA to work. Emby does have a DLNA server but when it tries to serve it over to a Windows PC running VLC over DLNA or my OPPO 203 bluray player it takes almost 3 to 5 minutes to start the playback.

I tried using

rclone serve dlna remote:

but it's performing the same as emby over it's dlna server.

Is this a known issue that I'm seeing here? Any suggestion of what might be causing this?
should I go full cache backend on the mount point?

I'm lost because it takes this long to load a 500mb video file, while over SMB and mount I can play a 70GB video file instantly.

hard to give good advice, as none of the questions from the template were answered.

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