Rclone mount over NFS issue

Hi there!

I have an rclone mount on a Synology NAS that I am trying to export over NFS to a FreeBSD 11 Plex server.

The folder setup looks like this:
Synology folder: /volume1/Archive/Media -> FreeBSD mount: /mnt/Archive

I have the NFS permissions set to mount all to admin, with read only access to the FreeBSD box. But when I mount the network drive in FreeBSD, I can’t see any folders/files under the “Media” folder referenced above (which is my rclone mount point), even as root.

However, when I mount /mnt/Archive via SSHFS, I can access and see the files and folders that are mounted on the Synology box, and plex can access them, but seems a bit slow (and I think NFS would be faster, please correct me if my assumptions are incorrect).

To me, this sounds like a permissions issue, but the mountpoint on the FreeBSD box are at 777.

Has anyone else run into this and/or resolved it in your setup?


Did you mount with --allow-other option? It is neccessary for NFS. You dont need it for SSHFS, because you probably log in with the NAS user over SSHFS.

By the way, in my tests (but with Kodi, not Plex) i had more success with SSHFS/SFTP. I tried it via NFS, like with the local folders on the NAS, but perfomance was worse. For the local folders NFS perfomance was better. It makes a little bit sense, in my opinion, because SSHFS was designt to work over internet (so probably works better with lost/delayed packages) than NFS. But you will see for yourself.

I did, here is my mount command:
/usr/sbin/rclone mount
–config “/root/.rclone.conf”
–umask 0
–dir-cache-time 1m
–contimeout 15s
–retries 3
–timeout 30s
–acd-templink-threshold 0
–stats 0
ACD_Crypt:/ /volume1/Archive/Media &

Really? That’s interesting, was SSHFS noticeably faster for you? Those are some good thoughts, I can definitely see that.

I know you are not using linux, but this indicated that exporting a fusefs with nfs may not work:

In order to do it, you’ll likely need to 1) run it as root along with appropriate gid/uid/umask fields passed based on your use case. I do export a fuse UNIONFS which sits on top of a local and a fuse ACDCRYPT FS.

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meaby you can help to me. I have in xpenlogy rclone config with root but I need mount using admin.

For admin is imposible define rclone config I get wront to save the setup.

So, how can I write a script.sh to leave in the boot that mount my google drive folder like admin using the root config setup?
do you untherstand it? thanks