Rclone Mount Files Inaccessible in Plex / Explorer (But Mounted Correctly)

Anyone having issues where an rclone mount is not being able to read the files in Plex or play them in any video players, even though it’s mounted correctly?

The "Video” and “Audio” section on Plex show as “none” and the playback won’t work, even though the rclone mount properly shows all the files listed in explorer and properly mounted. I’m not able to play the file directly in explorer either (I’ve tried 200mb MKVs file as well as the 50GB+ 4K files which I’m trying to play). If I try hit analyze on the file in plex, nothing happens. You can see in the 2nd screenshot that


Is this related to heavy download and upload / 24 hour google ban? This was working yesterday but I’ve been copying a lot of files between two Google Accounts (i.e. downloading from Account A which is the mount in question above, and uploading files to Account B, which is a crypted remote).

What’s the Plex log show when you hit analyze? What’s the rclone log show when you hit analyze?

How do i pull the rclone log when i hit analyze?

hmm around 3a (when 24hr ban resets) it looks its picked back up the analyze feature and i can play files again. it may something to do with the 24hr ban related to the tons of data i’m copying.

What OS? You would have to pass along the log parameters --log-level DEBUG --log-file