Rclone mount & encrypt to rename files with OSX


normaly i use Plexdrive to mount my GSuite Drive and use rclone to encypt it. This works just fine… but plexdrive don´t support “Write Support”.

No in wood like to mount my encrypted GSuite to my Mac and rename some data with the tool FileBot…

Can is use the new rclone cache mount to do that without api bans?

Yup it would allow this, though keep in mind each rename file task could take multiple seconds each so it’s not super quick.

Okay, i test it… but there are an problem with the renaming prozess…

i Create first time an “Cache” for my GSuite Drive and for this one the “Enrypt”.

My rclone line are:

rclone mount --allow-other --allow-non-empty RCloneCacheLocal: /Volumes/MacPro\ T3MP/rclone

This is working, but when i wood like use this path in FileBot it don´t work… the destination path are not correct.

The Folder “rclone” changes to the name from the used remote…

Here are some Screenshots