Rclone mount - destination server show incorrect modified time

The modified time display in the client server showed incorrect time. For example, on the source system, the file modified time is 12.00AM MYT, when it is refresh in the destination server, it might show two or three days ahead of the source system.
*Both source and destination timezone are set to be same.


Windows Server 2012 R2

Command Used:
rclone mount rclone: E: -o UserName=administrator -o GroupName="Users" --file-perms 0777 --vfs-cache-mode writes --config "C:\Program Files\rclone-v1.54.1-windows-amd64\rclone.conf"`

type = ftp
host =
user = administrator
port = 21

Anyone know what are the syntax that I could add in to change the timezone on the mount?

Thank You.

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone ftp client does not support mod-times.


ftp is not a reliable protocol for many reasons as it does not support checksums.

rclone's sftp client can handle mod-times and checksums.

given that the ftp server might a local server on the LAN; might try installing a sftp server

rclone can also act as a sftp server, which supports modtimes, checksum and in-transit encryption.

Hi @asdffdsa ,

Thanks for the advice. Will definitely try on that.

Thank You.

sure, if you have any issues, let us know...

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