Rclone mount - conflict resolution Google Drive?

I did a few searches for this and there was no clear answer, so posting here:

How does "rclone mount" handle file edit conflicts? By that I mean:
1.) I edit the file on the local mounted directory
2.) Someone else edits the same file within the "directory / file refresh" window time period on a different machine / application
3.) Now there are two different versions of the file with different contents.

I'm considering rclone mount for Google Drive, so that's what I'm most interested in.


The way I understand it, it really is more like who uploads the latest wins. The mount uploads once a file is saved which would be no different than a user uploading a file or anything else.

You can test it out by just running a rclone copy at a few different intervals and see who wins. I routinely update files and it's always the latest as I don't keep versions of anything.

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