Rclone mount best settings for streaming ISO from Gdrive

This is my first attempt with rclone mount on windows. I’m using google drive with an encrypted folder.

I have an OPPO 203 with custom firmware that can play uhd 4k iso files.
So the setup is this, my home server reading from the cloud and serving the files over NFS for the OPPO.

I’m basically following the main windows guide and mounting like this:
Rclone mount secure: q: --vfs-cache mode full/writes.
But this means, according to the documentation that it will download an entire 60-80gb file for opening it.

I have a 300/100 connection here.

So what would be some good settings.
Also I plan to use this same share with Plex (with mkv files) and I’ve seen people using buffer size = 0 for fast scaning. But I don’t think this is a good ideia for the OPPO, it will need some buffer for smooth playback.

Should I create two remotes? One for the oppo and one for Plex?

And finally, does that settings impact upload performance?

My gdrive is still empty I want to find the best settings and stick to it before building everything here.