Rclone mount and mergerfs

I’m trying to mount a Rclone mount together with a sshfs mount.

The sshfs mount is mounted from another server, accessible and files written on the other server show up in the mount. Permissions etc all look ok.

My Gdrive is mounted with Rclone cache as a read only mount and merged with mergerfs into ~/media.

mergerfs -o defaults,sync_read,allow_other,nonempty,category.search=ff,category.action=ff /home/plex/.localmedia:/home/plex/.gdrivecrypt /home/plex/media/

I got a file in …/.localmedia in a serie/season folder, this is my test setup. Serie exists in …/.localmedia and in gdrive. Season does not.

If I look for the file I want to access in …/media its in the spot it needs to be.

As I’m reading up on mergerfs the ff means it will look for a requested file on the first mount specified in above command line, in this case .localmedia.

Now, when I send a scan request for this file, plex_autoscan will not look into …/.localmedia but in the rclone mount and reply back that the file doesn’t exists. Looking at the debug log for rclone it says that the season folder in question does not exists.

I would presume that all request would go to …/.localmedia first (where it exists) as that is what I put in my mount command.

Above test was also done with Unionfs fuse and same result, what am I doing wrong?
EDIT: Also tested with a local (on SSD) directory merged with gdrive and same result.
EDIT2: Found the problem! Was an operator error :wink: Send the manual scan command with a typo!

Glad you got it sorted!