Rclone mount access too slow

But if you make more than " Queries per day" will be banned by 24 hour? or not....

Then why people say have been banned by api google using plex server?.


No. It isn't persistent. You can prime it on boot with a script. Just run a recursive find command after it comes up. Or you can use the "rc" interface to do it.

If you can generate that much hits then let me know. :smiley:

I think it is impossible... but reading on forums many many people say I have been banned from google 24 hours due to ask because they use plex server.... It is false? or they have less idea than me :slight_smile: ?


No. Most people hit download limits on a particular file. And that's a quota issue for that file.

AA, but the limit for each file its too hig, not?.

there are other limit Queries per 100 seconds 10.000 , may be this limit could be overcome?, and if overcome this limit what happends?


are you able to stream videos now or is that still a problem?

really, do not worry about the api limits.

Rclone will just wait a sec.

Excuse me if I change from a tema to other....

Playing with windows its impossible, same proble, playing with kodi workd.
Now with fast list you tell me and the cache of calisro the list folders go a bit faster, I will test with a personal backup I have doing, this backup have more than 300.000 files, word files, txt, excel, small phone videos... If I have problem I tell you, because I want to mount this backup and work online with it, Do you think I will be trouble?

Lot of thanks and excuse me.

if you want to backup local files to cloud, do not use rclone mount,
use rclone sync

but i will be able to work on my cloud drive...

you can do both.

rclone sync for fast backup.
rclone mount for working on cloud drive.

ok, lot lot of thank

oh yeah,
if you want to try rclone sync, then make sure you test with --dry-run
and check out --backup-dir

--backup-dir is for backup the new files?

Hello, if its persistent where save the date on the pc?.

how i do "Just run a recursive find command after it comes up. Or you can use the "rc" interface to do ii" ??

Could you tell me the command to mount and the other to run a recursive?


It's not persistent. It's in memory.



This thread should be able to help you:

I suggest you read it from the top. As a side-note, I recommend using a different media player in combination with Windows Explorer. I use MPC-HC, but anything other than Microsoft's own Windows Media Player should work just fine.

We should really have a Windows+Plex+Rclone sticky :wink:

If you want to make a How To Post, I will 99% sticky it unless it's bad :slight_smile:


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