Rclone - Migrated data gap

Hello all !

First of all, thanks for this forum and for Rclone, great tool.

I’m currently doing some migration between customer servers to Google Drive / Team Drive.
Everything is fine but during my last migration I noticed some volume gap between the legacy server to Team Drive.

Example :
My file contains 100 items for 10 Go, and on Team Drive I have 100 items for 15 Go.

I had this problem on a dozen commands with the same number of items but with a larger volume each time.

Do you have any idea on how can we explain this gap ?


The log files would probably explain why. Do you have any logs you can review?

You might want to use rclone dedupe to check for duplicates?

Thank you everyone for your help.
The think is, I didn’t swith the migrated folder in read-only mode, so end-users added files during the migration. That explain the delta.
Thanks a lot.

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