Rclone max iops


We encouter issues with rclone taking all the iops so harbor image building will fail.
Is there a feature for limiting iops ? Or how can I make a feature request for limiting iops?


Without knowing any more information, it's tough to answer that, but short answer, yes, you can reduce IOPS with rclone.

Do you know how? is it with a parameter ?

What version are you running?
What command are you running?
What OS are you running?
What backend(s) are you using?
What's your rclone.conf without the keys/secrets/passwords in it?

It's a feature question if it is possible to restrict iops usage rclone not a problem/bug as such for any OS of command or version,

You can :

  • reduce checkers
  • reduce transfers
  • reduce tpslimit
  • reduce tpsburst
  • reduce maxbacklog

All those have some dependencies on the version you are using, more is available dependent on the OS and more so on the backend you are using.

I ask those questions to help further answer your question fully without going back and forth as it gives a complete picture for me and anyone else reading the post.

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