Rclone --max-age flag s3/gcloud transactions

Hello, I'm looking at the --max-age flag when using rclone copy against gcloud.
Currently our bucket (gcloud) has "folders" like that:


and all files inside are immutable, so what "traversing" happens when we now do a copy from gcloud to s3 with --max-age=1d, does it actually filter also the folders based on max-age so it would do a list command for year than for month, but since max-age flag it would only find the current month?
or would rclone still need to traverse everything?

the question would be if it would be preferable to do:
a. rclone copy --max-age=1d gcloud:bucket s3:bucket
b. rclone copy gcloud:bucket/year/month/day s3:bucket

and if the output would be the same

hello and welcome to the forum,

--max-age filters files, not folders.
rclone will traverse all the subfolders of the remote:path.

you could write a script to reduce the amount of traversing based on the current date.

Option b) would be preferable. Option a) will still traverse all the files.

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