Rclone making copies of files on cloud when sent from a different machine

We are using rclone to copy all the screenshots of our app to the cloud and have literally millions of screenshots generated for all the different features of our app across different localisations, different device types, different brands and different versions.
We notice when we rclone copy or rclone sync to the cloud from a different machine to the machine that originally copied the screenshots to the cloud, rclone duplicates the file by appending a (1) after the filename instead of overwriting the previous generated file with the same name.

All of our mac-mini machines that are constantly generating files have exactly the same version of rclone installed and the same rclone.conf file installed. For this reason we thought rclone would treat all the mac-minis as the same machine copying to the same cloud location.

I would appreciate some help on this before the number of files copied to the cloud gets too large for us to manage all the duplicate files?



Which cloud are you using? Rclone never appends (1) to files, so that must be a feature of the cloud you are using I think?

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